knitting vs crochet (why can’t we be friends?)

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As I love both crafts zealously, I am constantly saddened to hear knitters and crocheters “diss” each others’ craft.  All these books out that promise to make your crochet “mimic” knitting (rarely visa versa, no one seems to want their knitting to look crocheted for some reason) are ridiculous, why would I want to do that?

Yarn shops sometimes add to this “rift” in how they treat crocheters vs how they treat knitters.  I’ve had personal experience with this, if I say I crochet, I will be “steered” towards certain yarns/patterns/books/tools, as if I am too dumb to know what I am doing.  If I say I knit, suddenly I’m long lost family or something LOL.  Luckily, my own local yarn shop (LYS as they are commonly called online), Commuknity ( treats both crocheters and knitters with respect, offering services to both.

Commuting on Light Rail as I do every day, one woman told me she was teaching her daughter to knit because crochet was “too hard”.  EXCUSE ME?  I firmly believe that a brain that can comprehend one of the two crafts can be easily trained to learn the other craft.  They have their differences, but like with human beings getting along with each other, differences can be a good thing and shouldn’t hinder life; it is sad that a lot of people just allow the hostile “gulf” to exist.  I am pretty tired of crocheters whining about being “discriminated” against (they are, but enough already), and I’m also pretty tired of knitters thinking crocheters are “lower life forms”, enough already).  We have far more in common than we differ, and I think we should focus on this and try to get along.

My dream is to write / design patterns that incorporate both crafts within the SAME PROJECT.  One way this can be accomplished is something a yarn shop near Redwood City, CA (Emerald Estates), Amazing Yarns, (Andrea runs this shop out of a portion of her lovely home) has come up with, the Amazing Needle, which is basically a crochet hook with a cable attached to its’ end, so you can circular needle style knit, but you can crochet where and when you want.  They have even written patterns for these needles:

Andrea is a regular Stitches West vendor, and is very friendly and willing to help anyone.


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