Crochet Daisy Square afghan project (Krochet Krystal’s square)

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The pattern for the basic square is free, but you have to join the designer’s Yahoo group to be able to download it.  More info is found on her blog:

This pattern requires FOCUS; if you can get past the petal rows without “frogging” (knitting/crocheting “techie” term meaning ripping out, i.e., rip it, rip it, rip it… an “inside” joke only a crocheter or knitter will “get”) I salute you LOL

Frogging crochet is far easier, because you are only removing one stitch at a time. The row below it is more or less independent.  If you pull out a stitch, the entire thing won’t “disintegrate”.

Frogging knitting means ripping it out entirely, back to, and probably including your cast on.   Because knitting stitches are “interdependent”, dropping a stitch means “compromising” the rows beneath it.  That is why stitch markers (a twist tie from a bag of bread will do in a pinch, or a contrasting color “snippet” of yarn) are invaluable in knitting, at least you can “rip” back to a certain point, and not the WHOLE DANG THING (but only if you are careful and know what the heck you are doing.  Far better to take the time to carefully “tink” (yes, “knit” spelled backwards) each stitch out one by one.

As my first attempt didn’t meet Krochet Krystal’s gauge guidelines and thus couldn’t be donated to her effort described on her blog, I just opted to double crochet around and around until each skein of yarn I use runs out.  The actual square (it was “supposed” to be 8″ x 8″ I think) ends somewhere in the yellow area of the picture below.

You can see where the yellow finally ran out, I merely joined the pink and am working in that until it runs out.  You might recognize the colors, they are left over from the Stadium Robe project described in the most recent prior blog post to this one.  It is Caron Simply Soft Brites, Watermelon (pink), Melon (orange), and Lemonade (yellow).

I tend to make “single piece” afghans, as opposed to making squares or motifs or whatever, because I hate the S word (sewing) that much.

 mce_href=more daisy square afghan

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