Discovery Kingdom birthday visit (4/28/11)

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. by tygger428
., a photo by tygger428 on Flickr.

My sister Kirsten took me here for my 50th birthday. We had a blast. Other photos I took can be found on my Flickr site:

xmas trees on display
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Stitch and Pitch (Mon 7/26/10) at AT&T Park (Giants vs Marlins)

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I am SO STOKED to get OUT OF MY OFFICE for two whole business days next week in order to go to this Monday night game LOL  As I don’t get back to San Jose’s Diridon CalTrain station until 1am Tuesday morning, I opted to take BOTH Monday and Tuesday off from work.

This is the only game at AT&T Park we attend every year, as it “is” a Stitch and Pitch game (most of the major league baseball teams have these games, and even some minor league teams do, go to for more info.

Work has been a “hassle” on so many levels lately, our computers, printers, etc. have been “cursed” since June 30 fiscal close, and my department has been told to do a “presentation” for the rest of our division on what we do, a “colossal” waste of time in my opinion because this is my department’s busy time of the year, the WORST POSSIBLE TIME for us to be pulled away from our work to put on a “song and dance” for management and the rest of our division.

Plus, our annual performance reviews with our supervisor are scheduled the DAY BEFORE this *&*%$ presentation, Friday, August 13th (note the “cool choice of the date” management chose for our presentation, in my opinion, they “deserve” what they get if things go “awry” due to to the “evil” choice of the date LOL

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What’s going on (brief update)

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I don’t often update this, but here goes, before I go out the door this morning.  I’ve had a lot of fun meeting up with some local crocheters (and knitters) via two groups I found on, the Santa Clara County Crochet Meetup group and the Santa Clara Couny Knitting meetup group.   Every once in a while they choose a meeting night or event I can attend.  Thursday was at the Barnes and Noble and yesterday was at our local Panera restaurant.

End of Sept, we went to the Renaissance Faire out at Casa De Fruita (near Gilroy, Hollister border on Pacheco Pass).  Go to under Events for 2008 Renaissance Faire to see all the pics.  Ren Faire site:

Friday was our annual offsite training day in Sunnyvale at work.  It is a good thing, with the County’s budget in distress, that my agency still considers such training a priority.  Although, I wish the seminar workshop titles were more relevant to the topic that ends up being discussed.

Saturday, October 11th will be the next Men Who Crochet CGOA chapter meeting in Oakland.  It has been moved temporarily this month to the 2nd Saturday so some of us can attend a top down crochet class on October 18th taught by WA state crochet designer Karen Ratto-Whooley at Green Planet Yarn in downtown Campbell, CA.  I have some swatching “homework” I have to get off my keister and do before the class.  I took a top down crochet class years ago from Mary Rhodes when our Southbay Crochet CGOA chapter offered it (also in Campbell, at a yarn shop that no longer exists that was just a few doors down from where Green Planet Yarns is now).   But I lost the notes from Mary’s class, so don’t have my “pattern” for the completed sweater I made.  Once I find it (I intend to wear it to the new class), I will take a pic of it. 

Another crocheted project I want to find and take a pic of is my black beaded and fringed thread shawl (from a Nov 1997 issue of the now defunct Crochet Fantasy.  Mary Cahill went through and counted how many beads each row took as the original pattern was incorrect.  I think it was called the ebony beaded shawl or something like that.  Again, if I find it I will take a pic of it.

GPY didn’t advertise it much; I posted all over Ravelry, the Yahoo groups I am on, anywhere I could think of.  Other than me, Cay, Peter, Mike and Tom from our MWC group plan to attend.  As of GPY’s last email, only three “slots” remain, so hopefully this means it will NOT be cancelled.  I had to learn via the designer that GPY needed to know who wanted to attend by Sept 18th I think it was or else it was at risk of cancellation.  Kind of paradoxical, not to advertise, then have to cancel due to lack of interest.  Lack of interest my foot, it is lack of COMMUNICATION that put it at risk.  Luckily that risk seems to have been eliminated.  I also got the homework sheet emailed directly by the designer, GPY waited almost a month to email it.  Her recipient list was supressed, so I forwarded it on my own to Peter, Cay, etc. to make double sure they got it.  Will post again once the class is over.  I intend to use the Malabrigo Silky Merino in Carribeno I got from Twist, Yarns of Intrigue, for this project.  Karen suggested I swatch in Cascade 220, but why swatch with yarn I don’t intend to use?  Makes more sense to swatch with what I intend to use.

September’s Men Who Crochet CGOA meeting was cancelled because some of us went to the Oakland A’s Stitch and Pitch game.  It was fairly cold, I don’t think any of our group stayed the whole 9 innings, we left somewhere in the 7th inning, the As put on a few extra points after we left and won that game.

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