Tropical granny square afghan finished!

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more tropical granny

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It is finally done. the very last row of yellow (see bottom edge near floor) ran out before making it all the way around so I finished it with black. At Saturday’s Southbay Crochet (CGOA) meeting, Mary Jane showed us rick rack stitch. That is what I am using to do the “next” Project Linus afghan (using yet more Caron Simply Soft Brites, but different, colors, lime, blue mint, grape and berry blue I think the other color is called).

The tropical granny afghan is already washed, dried, and bagged up to bring to the next Men Who Crochet meeting.

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tropical granny square afghan

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tropical granny 3

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this is the start of yet another charity afghan for Project Linus for the Men Who Crochet (Crochet Guild of America chapter, Oakland, CA) I have SO MUCH of this yarn (Caron Simply Soft Brites) I can actually start even a second one of these (in different colors even)

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swellegant elegance crochet sweater

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Ok, maybe THIS photo is better LOL

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finished swellegant elegance sweater 101810

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I ripped out the makeshift neckline, and opted to rework it continuing in the pattern repeat rows. The short edges along the shoulders from front to back of the neck were the only area I had to “improvise”, and put in double crochet clusters, until I could continue again in pattern row repeats along the front and back of the collar. I am far happier with this collar rework than with my first attempt.

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This afghan’s so bright…

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daisy square granny 2

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You gotta wear shades:)

Finally, this (thing, expletive deleted) is done.   As usual with my afghans, this will be donated to the Men Who Crochet CGOA chapter’s Project Linus effort.  The square in the center’s pattern was such a pain in the you know where I opted to only make ONE (I forget which rows, but I had to rip them out several times to “get them right”), and simply crochet a bunch of rounds of each color around and around.  The pattern is from Krochet Krystal, you have to join her Yahoo Group to get the pattern (free)

Also, to cover up the holes in the corners, I opted to do foundation single crochet “ropes” and “lace” them in and out, a pink “rope” was made to “cover” the corners of the orange and yellow rows, an orange “rope” was made to cover the pink and yellow corners, and so forth.  Foundation crochet is a technique of making your foundation chain AT THE SAME TIME as forming the stitches of your first row.   If you Google “how to do foundation crochet” you can find a TON of websites, videos, etc. on how to do that.

ETA (edited to add): the yarn used is Caron Simply Soft Brites.  The yellow is Lemonade, the orange is Melon, and the pink is Watermelon.

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Swellegant Elegance progress

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swellegant elegance progress

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The bottom waist ribbing is over half done. The sleeve ribbing has not been started yet. The collar has been “filled in”, the way it was written was too “open” for me so I filled it in somewhat by adding rows of single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet

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Sterling (sock) Skyline colorway from Piedmont Yarn and Apparel

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skyline from PYA

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While attending the latest meeting of a Crochet Guild chapter I am a member of up in Oakland, CA (the Men Who Crochet chapter) at Piedmont Yarn and Apparel, a local yarn shop our group meets at. I hope I have enough to make a nice project out of it. I am hoping to get more info on it, so if necessary, I can get more of it if I need it.  Bente, the LYS owner, confirmed Skyline is the colorway name.

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Swellegant Elegance sweater progress

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The front, back and one sleeve are done and assembled. The second sleeve is still in progress (it is at very bottom of this picture). The neck opening is too big, I will have to “fill in” extra stitches for it to fit my neck/shoulders properly.  I am up to about row 21 on the sleeve (out of 34 total).

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Swellegant Elegance progress on back

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I know, I said before I’d wait until I was done with the back before I would blog about it again. But I opted to post a pic anyway. This is up to about mid row 55, so it is pretty close to being done.

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The Swellegant Elegance Sweater continues…

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Almost half done with the back of the Swellegant Elegance crochet sweater pattern, front is done.  Will take pics once back is done.  Hope I don’t have to “fight” with it to get it to fit properly, seaming pieces together is my LEAST favorite thing to do.  I don’t sew or quilt.  I dislike mending as well, I do that ASAP so it doesn’t sit around and I don’t have to look at it LOL

If I ever get “smart enough” to design, I will focus in “in the round” and / or seamless as much as possible.  I HATE the monotony of do the front (s), do the back, do each sleeve, then SEW it all together.  I want it all to be seamless!!!!!!!!!

This is NOT a complaint about THIS pattern in particular (I like this pattern and have NO complaints about it at ALL), just a complaint in general on how publishers, magazines, etc. think crocheters/knitters are TOO STUPID in general to do complicated things (like knit and crochet within the SAME PROJECT).  Again, if I EVER turn to designing myself, I may focus on designing DUAL knit/crochet patterns, projects that incorporate BOTH knitting and crocheting in the SAME PROJECT.

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