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If you are going to “count” registered members correctly, at least “cull out” the sock puppets from your statistical base, before planning your “x million user” mark.

If you are going to criticize your peers at work for “not following procedure”, please apply for the correct job title (i.e. supervisor) before doing so.  Acting like a boss when you are NOT a boss does not earn you any respect or love from your peers.  In fact, it just makes you look like an ass.  You keep telling us you are going to retire soon.  Please follow through with that promise sooner rather than later:)

If you ARE a boss, please remember, those you supervise are your team members, NOT your personal “slaves”.  Take their feelings into consideration, if you are going to discipline or criticize, be kind.  Just because YOU are under stress from YOUR boss does NOT entitle you to be an ass to those who work under you.  Go find a gym and hit a punching bag, don’t punish your team.  You might find that making things easier on them will make them work harder for you.

Sign up for a “real blog”, other, topic specific forums are not your blog and you are not free to rant, rave, hate and spew garbage there.   Also, unless you are the group owner / moderator / administrator, don’t “call out” your peers for rule breaking, flag the post, let the moderator deal with it.

You are not entitled to board / leave first.  You are not the sole creature in the universe.  Be respectful, life works out nicer that way.




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Very nicely put. If everyone remembered the rules we learned as children (& didn’t decide to scrap them because we’re adults now) – life would be sooo much sweeter. I would love to post this ‘rant’ on my page as a reminder but most of my FaceBook friends don’t really need the reminder. I still wanted to tell you Thank you for the lovely post.

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