Adult Surprise Jacket, after ripping it back

Posted on October 19, 2011. Filed under: Knitting |

ASJ after rip back 1 by tygger428
ASJ after rip back 1, a photo by tygger428 on Flickr.

I decided I didn’t like how long the jacket was getting. It gets long and gets wider around as you work back and forth across the right front, the bottom and then the left front.  Fortunately, I was able to put the two fronts and the bottom back on circular knitting needles before it “frogged” itself without my permission.  “Frog” is an inside knitting/crochet “joke” meaning to “rip it, rip it, rip it…”  It is funny ONLY when it happens to someone else, as is the case with most humor LOL

Plus the one error I committed on the original was in having the increase/decrease “flipped” on the collar corner on the right side so that chain “loops” were showing on the right side whereas they were hidden on the left side (as I believe they were intended to be, hidden). I ripped past that point so I can fix that.

It was getting too long in proportion to being wide enough, so I ripped it back to remove most of the length.

I will work back and forth across the left side, and back and forth across the right side until it is wide enough, and THEN work back and forth across the bottom until it is at the proper length. Evidently, my body “type” is not what the designer (the late Elizabeth Zimmermann) had in mind. Oh well. LOL

The next post will show what I am CROCHETING (yes, CROCHETING LOL) with the yarn I ripped out of it.

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