NOT in the mood for the holidays…

Posted on December 14, 2010. Filed under: General 'rambling" |

The city of San Jose “started” my bad mood by towing our car on Thanksgiving.  We were sick for a few days and unable to go out to the car for a few days, we weren’t able to go out until Saturday, so they’d had it a couple days already at that point.

It cost us close to $600, in CASH, to “ransom” our car back from those vultures, who opted to end an annual “turkey trot” foot race where our car was usually parked.  We now pay a monthly fee on the lot right behind us, so most nights, we can actually park the car with in sight of our living room and/or kitchen windows.  I am hoping this means no more car being towed in the future.

I’ve also opted to discontinue my membership in one of the  groups I’ve been a member of which also really darkens my mood.  Most of it is my own fault, I should have discussed things privately with the group facilitators first rather than post to the group as a whole on my own, which “really” opened a can of worms, in a way which really blows my mind and was quite unexpected on my part.   They are not the people I thought they were, and I guess, in a way, I am not the same person I thought I was, which I know makes little sense to anyone.

However, the end result is that I do not feel it is appropriate for me to continue to be a member, I am sorry to have to make that decision, it makes me very sad, I like these people, and have been a long time group member, have even helped them out financially when possible, but how making what I viewed as a simple request to accommodate a guest I wanted to bring to a meeting was responded to quite simply made me realize this was not the group for me.  Rather than face continued negative feelings (which are my fault since I (somehow and unintentionally) opened a big old can of worms, I opted to “bow out”.   I wish them the best of success, and bear them no ill will.  I just cannot handle the negative feelings all this has caused right now.

I don’t just need extra stress in my life right now.  I have been a grand mal epileptic since May 2009, work has been extremely stressful, several staff have retired, several new people have come on board, family members have had medical issues over the past several months…  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

I know that part of the reason the holidays “suck” is that I miss my parents.  My family  usually have other committments on major holidays so I can’t be with them when I feel I need them the most.  Christmas we usually spend with his family, but it is such a LONG DRIVE to where they are that it takes a LOT out of me to go up there.

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