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more knooking hook-needle

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Knooking is a general term for a knitting technique that uses a specialized crochet hook.  The cord attached to the “butt” of the hook allows the stitches to be “carried”, like a circular knitting needle “holds” the “live” stitches of a knitting project.  The hook pictured was just purchased from an Etsy seller, CarolsCrafts4U, she is located in Aloha, OR and the hook cost me $15.50 USD, it is 2.75 mm in diameter, fairly small and delicate as crochet hooks / knitting needles go.

Knitting differs from crochet mainly due to the fact it has (usually a lot of) “live” stitches carried on the needle, whereas crochet stitches are formed individually, and you typically only have ONE loop you need to clip so the whole thing doesn’t come unraveled.

Depending on how many stitches you cast on in knitting, until you bind it off upon completion of the project, you are “at risk” for losing all those live stitches, unless you “carefully” use a crochet hook or other “implement” to re knit those stitches back onto your needle.  Each knitted row is “interdependent”‘ on the row beneath it, whereas a row of crochet stitches can be frogged (rip it, rip it, an inside joke in both knitting and crocheting) without compromising the integrity of the row beneath it.

General info can be found on knooking the technique on Crochet With Dee’s site and on Wheat Carr’s site. There is also a Ravelry group on Knooking and a Yahoo group on it, called knitting with a crochet hook.  Other needles used for this are made by Amazing Yarns (called the Amazing Needle); there is also a Japanese version called the Magic Needle.

A set of 7 Amazing Needles plus 3 instruction booklets cost me just under $79 USD, they only do ordering over the phone.

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