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Posted on August 11, 2010. Filed under: Work related |

August will be a busy month at work.  My departments presentation to the rest of our division will be next Friday (August 13th, I guess no one noticed the “ominous” sounding schedule date LOL).  August 20th will be our annual “off site training” (read: running all over a remote county park in the summer heat participating in “team building” activities).  I have opted to stay behind at the office to answer phone calls and deal with counter visitors.  I guess I’m getting old, as running around a county park out in the middle of nowhere in the summer heat no longer appeals to me.

Monday, an employee (who has a “reputation” for having a very short temper) in the department adjacent to ours “stormed in” to our cubicle area, and just as quickly, “stormed” out.  He needed my department’s assistance with a counter visitor, and asked my newest co worker (she transferred in from another department on our floor last fall, me and our other co worker were both on the phone) who was “duty” in my department.

Unfortunately, instead of answering “How can I help you?” my newer co worker answered “No one is on duty”, which is what caused him to angrily storm out of our cubicle area, go complain to the Big Boss, who then called OUR supervisor “on the carpet”, who then talked to me, the newer co worker, and my other co worker.  The newer co worker seemed to think this was “no big deal”; I had to explain to her that she had gotten our (new) supervisor in trouble by answering “no one was on duty.”  Plus, our counter visitor was angry because they had either been misinformed, or had misunderstood, something one of us had told them over the phone earlier this year.

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