Post game progress on Swellegant Elegance crochet sweater

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post game progress swellant elegance sweater

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This is up to the end of row 24 on the front of the Swellegant Elegance.  Again, this is my friend, crochet designer Peter Franzi’s pattern.

The seating at AT&T Park (SF, CA) last night (7/26/10, Stitch and Pitch, Giants lost to the Marlins) was so cramped I made only a little progress at the game itself.   The Stitch and Pitch “goodie” bag wasn’t much to write home about, some yarn, a flyer about a yarn warehouse sale, at least the bag itself is a good size.  A couple small pattern books, and that was that.  I guess they can’t please everyone with what they put into those goodie bags.  Thanks to Ed having a voucher too, I got two of them at least.

It was hard to crochet much without elbowing Ed (on one side) or our neighbor on the other side.  Our neighbor opted to leave early to ensure she could get her transit connections to her bus home.  If we’d opted to drive, we could have easily driven her home, but WE HATE DRIVING AND PARKING IN SF FOR ANY REASON  LOL so opted for the Cal Train commute option, even though that is a PITA as well too.  So I could only crochet comfortably at the game for about an hour.

At least I had a long sleeved T Shirt on and my jacket, so I wasn’t too cold.  We were only a seat away from the stairs which was nice, and had a pretty much unobstructed view of the ball field.  Too bad the Giants didn’t give us something good enough to see.  Barry Zito was the pitcher, and I think they finally removed him towards the end, poor guy.  The two runs the Giants DID get were at first “under review” while the umpires reviewed the play, so it almost looked like the Giants COULD win, but that didn’t happen, unfortunately.  Due to park rules about not standing and disrupting fellow game visitors’ views while players were up at bat, I could only take pics of the park itself before the game started, not any of the game in progress.

The one train leaves 15 minutes after the last out, so at the point we gave up (bottom of 7th inning, when Edgar Renteria struck out) we opted to “cut our losses” and get to CalTrain’s King Street station ASAP.  Ed timed it, it took us about five minutes, once we got out of the stadium itself, to get to the Cal Train station itself.

I got a couple rows completed at the game itself, and a couple more on the train ride home.  I think the front is about a third of the way done before the front shaping starts.

There is a slow train (hits every stop), and the express train (skips a lot of stops) and unfortunately, we were on the slow train, so by the time the 22 bus got us to our apartment, it was 12:30 am.  The Cal Train ride home was a “trip and a half” to say the least.  Someone actually lit up a marijuana joint on our car, fortunately, that stench was brief.  It smelled like a skunk had “sprayed” .  Plus, our fellow train passengers had loud and kind of disruptive conversations.  Things didn’t quiet down really (to a bearable level) until about Lawrence station, when the last conversation ended due to the passenger exiting.

At least we got seats, had we run over to where the express train was, we “might” not have been that lucky, quite a few passengers were standing in the aisle, which I thought was risky, because they had NOTHING to hold onto, had the train had to stop suddenly, they would have been thrown all over the place.

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