Stitch and Pitch (Mon 7/26/10) at AT&T Park (Giants vs Marlins)

Posted on July 23, 2010. Filed under: Events |

I am SO STOKED to get OUT OF MY OFFICE for two whole business days next week in order to go to this Monday night game LOL  As I don’t get back to San Jose’s Diridon CalTrain station until 1am Tuesday morning, I opted to take BOTH Monday and Tuesday off from work.

This is the only game at AT&T Park we attend every year, as it “is” a Stitch and Pitch game (most of the major league baseball teams have these games, and even some minor league teams do, go to for more info.

Work has been a “hassle” on so many levels lately, our computers, printers, etc. have been “cursed” since June 30 fiscal close, and my department has been told to do a “presentation” for the rest of our division on what we do, a “colossal” waste of time in my opinion because this is my department’s busy time of the year, the WORST POSSIBLE TIME for us to be pulled away from our work to put on a “song and dance” for management and the rest of our division.

Plus, our annual performance reviews with our supervisor are scheduled the DAY BEFORE this *&*%$ presentation, Friday, August 13th (note the “cool choice of the date” management chose for our presentation, in my opinion, they “deserve” what they get if things go “awry” due to to the “evil” choice of the date LOL

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