More crochet Daisy Square Afghan progress

Posted on May 17, 2010. Filed under: Crochet |

I know that in another post’s title I implied that the daisy square was “completed”.  That may well be, but it has since “evolved”, as I am turning it into an afghan (for Project Linus again). You can see, the rows end where the yarn ends, so are uneven on purpose. I will start crocheting in yellow once this skein of orange runs out.  It is mostly double crochet, with a (2 double crochet-chain 3-2 double crochet) in each corner; basically a “variant” of your typical granny square.

Also, the four orange “lines” radiating out of the center are my way of filling in the holes formed in each corner.   The “lines” are “ropes”, formed by foundation half double crochet (fhdc). Foundation crochet is a technique where you crochet the foundation chain at the same time the stitch itself is formed, so you don’t have to start with chaining a certain amount, then adding the stitches. You simply do a chain one first, then form the stitch as normal. It takes a little focus to do, but is easy once you get the hang of it.  This results in a more flexible, loose “edge”, as most crocheters tend to chain too tightly; foundation crochet serves to “loosen” it up a bit.

The completed “ropes”  below start where the orange area in the center ends, and stop where the current orange rows start.

The next set of “ropes” will be in pink (Watermelon) and extend from where  the orange (Melon) rows still in progress below start and will end where the yellow (Lemonade) to follow will end.

 mce_href=daisy sq progress 1” alt=”” />

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