Home sick with a cold on my birthday; no fair:(

Posted on April 28, 2010. Filed under: General 'rambling" |

Not only did I miss Stitches West due to a bad cold (that one took my voice), NOW I’m home sick on my birthday.  Only difference is that is one is more sinus, less voice issues.  Plus the weather is iffy outdoors anyway.

There is NO justice in the universe LOL  Of course, it IS easy to be cranky when I can’t go 15 minutes without running for a Kleenex.  Just brewing a pot of tea and hoping to “drown out” the cold bugs.

When I was younger, I was hired briefly by my church at the time to be on site for insurance purposes while another church rented the facility for the evening, I had a bad cold then and just brewed pot after pot of tea (while working on my college homework), and it REALLY did help move the cold “out” of my system, so I am a believer in pushing a lot of herbal (thus decaf) tea (soup, etc., anything WITHOUT caffeine or a lot of sugar) through my system while I’m sick.

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