To: She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named

Posted on April 21, 2010. Filed under: Work related |

I don’t know if this post title would ring a bell with you, Honey; not sure you are a Harry Potter fan or not.  If you are, let me put it on the record:  Lord Voldemort has NOTHING on you.  You are so awful, I wouldn’t even wish YOU on HIM.

Well, well.  It would seem your nastiness to people has CONSEQUENCES after all.  Seems you (to take from the Eagles’ song) “have to take your lunch all by yourself”.  It would seem that your “puddle of poison” is oozing all over our office and leaving quite the stain for you to clean up.

You aren’t talking to any of us in our direct work group, only to the “newbie” who has yet to see your fangs dripping with venom or feel your talons’ grip on her throat.  She recently told us you had told her that your mother-in-law was a witch; we told her simply (leaving out the gory details) “don’t believe everything you’re told”.  We were NICE, OK?  We didn’t tell her to watch her OWN back.  We will let her find out for herself, poor girl.  No one protected US from you, why should we protect HER?

You may have had management “wrapped around your little finger” before, taking them to lunch, running to them to “rat” the rest of us out when we make a mistake, etc., but times, they may be a changin’; after all, we DO have a new supervisor now.    And he’s NOT an idiot.  Not that the prior one WAS an idiot, but he seemed to have a “soft spot” for you.  Then again, I don’t think he thinks badly of ANYONE.  You took advantage of him.  Try that with the new guy; it may not work as well as you think!

If you EVER come to me again and try to tell me ANYTHING like what you told me recently (that no one our department wanted me to transfer there, that “you” were my only friend, the “only one” who said hello to me, that “you” convinced them to let me transfer there) or, regarding another fellow in our department (“if he becomes our supervisor, I’ll retire”) I MAY just pound on you and sit and rot in jail and enjoy the memory of you broken and bloody at my feet.

It would also seem even the one person in our office who holds no grudges, who has no axes to grind with anyone, who never says ANYTHING negative to ANYONE, who is sweet as sugar to EVERYONE she talks to, who used to spend your common break times with you going on short walks every day, never even walks into our department cubicle area anymore (did anyone say PLOT COMPLICATION?).

So we, your “direct” colleagues, are intrigued now, Sweetie; WHAT did you say/do that PISSED her off?  It MUST be juicy; inquiring minds WANT TO KNOW:)  WE demand to see a video tape of this fascinating incident:)  And when we do, you will find it on YouTube within 15 minutes…..

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