Open letter to You Know Who You Are

Posted on March 18, 2010. Filed under: General 'rambling" |

You “know” how to “get” your way in our work place. You cozy up to our boss, and our boss’s boss, (and so on up the line) and you think the rest of us who share your job title are stupid and do not know. Your prior employer, thankful to get rid of you, was more than happy to pass you along to us. For which we are eternally grateful (NOT). You even bully YOUR OWN FAMILY MEMBERS.

You critique our work, and leave little “notes” telling us what we did wrong, and they are not kind words you write. You pull apart our work product in front of our face and criticize every step we took. God FORBID we put the wrong printout in the wrong order, or write something down in the WRONG COLOR pen or pencil.

Yet you run to us when ever something won’t print, or something else goes wrong with your computer workstation despite the fact that NONE of us in this work unit work in IS/IT and there IS a help ticket “protocol” we ALL are trained to follow. You even come to us for personal legal advice, even though NONE of us in our work group are attorneys. You also take personal cell phone calls at work you know that NONE of us are allowed to do. You make tactless comments on our personal appearance or habits, just rudely “blurting it out” for all to hear.

You “cling” to the old rules and refuse to accept the modernized rules we follow. You constantly “run” to management when someone says or does something YOU don’t agree with. And THEN you have the nerve to believe we all are “against” you, and you don’t “understand” why we don’t LIKE you, when YOU do ALL in your power to drive us completely and totally insane. You KNOW your criticizing “ways” drove one of us completely out of the office one day crying because your comments were so mean.

You act as if you are the hired “lead” even though you do not hold that official title nor do you get paid the wage differential to do it. Nor are you our supervisor. And: nor do any of us WANT you to be our supervisor. If they MAKE you our supervisor for ANY reason, ALL of us in the work group will do a “sit in” style protest (and REFUSE TO WORK) until they restore our existing supervisor (the new guy who you are probably taking advantage of, because he is new and does not know your EVIL WAYS.)

Plus, you use our employer’s time and computer workstation / network / internet connection for personal business most of your shift time (not just on your legally allowed lunch and break times). You keep a “journal’ log of everything we all say and do that you disagree with. You gave a COPY of this to one of us so I KNOW IT EXISTS. Just be aware: IS/IT can READ ALL OF THAT if they WANT to. It WILL blow up in your face. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But SOMEDAY.

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