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My job is fascinating, it really is. Being an OCD analytic personality type, it lets me run amok:) The reason this is a subtopic of the prior post is that it kind of continues on with what I deal with at work every day, in case you have that burning desire to know [NOT])

Also posted in same aforementioned knitting forum I’m a member of (same day too, I’m on a roll:)

Lawyers. Title companies. Owners that record their own deeds.

My favorite people (and our local building departments, county included but I won’t go there LOL)

Some scenarios:

Husband, angry at soon to be ex wife, records a deed from himself, to himself in an attempt to remove HER from title. Legal description is fine (its’ nature, a metes and bound description (“beginning at the…”) locating property descriptions of this nature is my department’s ‘forte’, it is our job to locate which piece of real property (= dirt, at least in my department, another department evaluates the grass shack / outhouse / chicken coop / condo unit / high rise / mansion…) Well….sorry, Charlie. Doesn’t work that way. Said WIFE must grant out and be NOTARIZED as such to YOU for YOU to own 100% of your property.
Lady (in wheelchair, I sympathize and am NOT heartless) is assisted by my co worker and tells her, “MY (now deceased) mother OWNS this piece of property here, how come YOU aren’t sending me a property tax bill???” My co worker goes to our “working” Assessor roll maps, pulls the pertinent recorded maps, deeds, etc. and comes back to tell her, “Ma’am, that property is actually located in….the middle of Highway 280 at (one of its’ major onramp / exits).

Lady: “that’s wrong. It’s MY property. I INHERITED IT FROM MY MOTHER!!”

Indentured public servant (oops, public EMPLOYEE): Document# ___
recorded on (date) is an order of condemnation issued by the Director of California’s Department of Transportation (eminent domain) taking (said property) for freeway use, giving said owner fair compensation (statutory lingo follows)

Lady: “You made that up! I’m taking you to court!!”
Deed showing up in our batch: (grantor) hereby grants to (grantee) the following described property, located in the city of San Jose, in the County of Santa Clara, in the State of California:

cemetery plot #/letter/#

I know Ben Franklin’s quote about death and taxes but THIS takes the cake

(to calm your nerves, we do NOT assess cemetery plots; we prefer our victims (owners, sorry) to be living beings:)
My own front counter experience, answering incoming calls, etc.

Male realtor on phone (attempting me to release data we ONLY tell the owner to THEIR FACE when they show us ID and proof who they are, and we SEE that they are currently on title): “Put a MAN on the phone, then I’ll get the data I want.”

ME: “Have a nice day, Sir. Thanks for calling.”

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