Excuse my negligence in posts lately. LIFE has intervened.

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I know I haven’t posted here in a while. Well, a LOT has happened; 2009 was NOT a year either me, my older brother or younger sister wish to repeat. Suffice it to say all three of us have had “medical” fires to put out.

As to how 2010 is starting out (for me at least) does NOT bode well, as I posted in one of the online knitting forums I’m on lately:

I’m doing a LOT better, thanks for asking, Susan:) EDITED

February has been the “month of doctor appointments” (they’re ganging up on me, I swear:)

the 4th was the neurologist, but he got sick so they rescheduled me for the 24th,

the 8th was a re-do of part of my mammogram, because the film didn’t show a portion of the left breast (they were having “technical difficulties” with their new computer system; about 8 of us were gathered, gowned from the waist up, watching the Spanish version of Judge Judy, El Caso Cerrado (Case Closed) I think it was called (quite interesting when you only speak about 5 words of Spanish LOL) An hour PAST my scheduled appointment they FINALLY called me in to film me; I insisted on staying until they checked the film and determined it took “all” of the left breast they wanted to see. I’ve remarked (both on finishing up the original mammogram, and on this last “retake” that if MEN had their (Ahem) delicate regions “squashed” like a breast is during a mammogram, we would get a technology “upgrade” so fast it would make your head spin LOL)

The 19th will be dermatology; the skin inside my ear canal gets very dry, itchy, flaky, and eventually bleeds and infects (canalitis, infection of the ear canal). I have had at least 5 trips to my primary care and/or urgent care (when my primary care is unavailable) to get ear drops (10 drops in one ear, lie on my side still for 5 minutes, same routine on the other ear, all of this once in the morning once at night) and antibiotics. They have given me a topical steriod (a liquidy gel) to put just a small amount of in each ear before I go to bed, in a DRY ear (not wet like after a shower). It has held the infection at bay, but my ears still flake, itch and bleed just a little.

Work: (don’t get me started, whoops, too late LOL) our assessment roll manager retired in Dec (one of our dept sups is serving in that position as interim until they get a permanent hire), one of HER staff is acting sup of that department. Another dept sup also retired; we “abducted” a sup from one of our other floors (we take up 3 floors of my building) to interim fill that position. One of our dept sups got sent down to HER floor to interim fill. Anotehr sup from our OWN floor was “abducted” to fill HIS position on our floor, she is now on medical leave, and another staff is filling THAT position on an interim basis. John Madden, I need you to draw a picture of what the *%$# is going on here LOL

MY Dept, thank goodness, FINALLY has a permanent sup (I’m just praying we don’t scare the stuffing out of this poor man and send him screaming out the door in sheer terror LOL, Gary IS a nice guy, I’d like to keep him if possible) OUR original sup retired the end of last July, the aforementioned roll supervisor temporarily served as our sup (she retired at the end of Dec), SHE then went on medical leave and the sup that recently went on medical leave replaced her until we finally (whew) got Gary. Again, paging John Madden….

My department has a diva (NO, not me LOLOL), who was also a diva where she worked before so they happily gave her a good recommendation and passed her on to my (unwitting and unfortunate) department. She and I had “words” a few weeks ago, when of course, we were both immediately pulled off into one of our side conference rooms to further (more privately?) air our “respective opinions” of one another (NOT pretty, the Chinese symbol for trouble is two women under the same roof, remember LOL) I essentially told Diva (a title that oft times describes ME, if you listen to Ed “I resemble that remark…” LOL), you are NOT our lead, you are NOT our supervisor, STOP ACTING LIKE ONE.)

So that’s my life; how’s yours? LOL

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