Polish Star Afghan Progress

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I promised to post some pictures of my progress on this afghan, to show a little of how it is done.  First, I completed several rows of extended double crochet that now need to be laced up.  Extended double crochet are done the same way as normal double crochet, you just yarn over, pull through a loop chain 1, then complete your double crochet as normal.   Being unlaced, it doesn’t look much like an afghan, but watch the progression of the pictures as it gets laced up, the end result is very striking.

Here is the start of lacing the first red star row (see red loops “crossed” at bottom).  I am pulling the right loops through the left loops, it can be done either direction, but the same direction must be used throughout:


Here is the first red star row done:



Now here is the first blue star row started:



Here is the blue star row completed (and next red star row ready to begin):


Here is the next red row:



Here is several rows done;  I opted to start the laceup when the afghan was half done, I now am crocheting 5 or 6 rows and lacing up, crocheting 5 or 6 more rows, then lacing up, etc.  When you put it away for the day, make sure the top loops are clipped together (safety pins, bread twists, etc. so the loops don’t get unraveled by accident.  Eventually, when done (it is half way done presently), it will be bordered with a row of red, a row of white, and a row of blue double crochet which will permanently secure the loops.



Here is a picture of the pattern leaflet I used for this afghan.  It is Needlecraft Shop #842214, Spectacular Polish Stars by Dot Drake, copyright 2000.  Needlecraft Shop is now owned by DRG Network (http://www.drgnetwork.com/); if you wish to obtain a copy, you must email them to see if it is still available.  6/12/08:  EDITED TO ADD  I find it on Ebay.com regularly, just search on Polish Star, crochet or Spectacular Polish Stars, crochet and you may be lucky enough to find it.  I am working on the border now so it will be done soon.  Here is the Ebay listing I found on it today: http://tinyurl.com/4pxnze

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4 Responses to “Polish Star Afghan Progress”

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Wow! It looks really impressive!

Ann (amysmum2 on Delphi)

This afghan is just georgeous! I would love to make one and I’ve been trying to duplicate it by the pictures you presented but can’t seem to get the hang of “braiding” – I’ve tried without any luck to purchase the pattern, but contacted Marj M at DRGNetwork and it is no longer available. I keep checking on various auction sites but no luck yet. Any other ideas as to where I can get the pattern? Thank You – JoanMc41

That is awesome! I’m going to have to try it,as a test if nothing else.

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