Freeform and other thoughts

Posted on May 3, 2008. Filed under: crochet and knitting |

I define freeform as just working on something out of my head with no written guidelines to go by, the materials tell me what they want to be and I just do it.   Most people visit a blog or website and see an item and immediately ask for the pattern.   As I don’t design (yet), either I use an established pattern (not mine so I can’t share it, copyright and all that), or, I don’t use a pattern (back to freeform).

I learned to knit because I couldn’t stand the crochet patterns offered to me via magazines and books (I’ve crocheted over 35 years vs about 7 years knitting).  I can only make so many potholders, washcloths (toilet tank covers? excuse me?  Not in my bathroom, thank you very much LOL).  Living in a tiny studio apartment I have no room for “fru fru”.  Knitted items look SO MUCH BETTER in the pictures.  Something I’d actually wear!  That might actually look good on my “less than petite” figure LOL  Crochet magazines and books tend to picture items in the most ugly color combos and patterning I can imagine.  Luckily, my imagination works just fine and I can “see” them in colors and patterning that would actually look good on me.  I primarily make things for me; who else can I wake up at 2 in the morning for a fitting LOL?  I can’t judge what other people “might” like to wear or use, I only know my own tastes.

I like techique books, books that feature unusual materials such as wire and beads, hemp, twine, whatever.



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