Introduction: Who is Tygger Knits?

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I am a new “blogger” so bear with me while I try to learn to use WordPress with my weird ATT Yahoo bundled version of IE on my poor Vista Home Premium based laptop.  Rome wasn’t built it a day, neither will this blog “rise” in a day….

Well, to introduce myself.  My name is Anita Badger, and I have been knitting for 7 years and crocheting for about 35 years.  I was born April 28th (year?  old enough for it to be impolite for you to ask LOL).  I have an older brother, younger sister, and my parents are deceased.  Most of my schooling, kindergarden to community college, took place in Gilroy, CA where I grew up.  This includes an AA degree in Humanties, and an AS in Life Science from Gavilan College.  Later, I also got an AA in Paralegal Studies from a now defunct college in Campbell, CA.

I am on several Yahoo crochet and knitting groups, and I’m tygger428 on  If you are also on Ravelry, you can see what knitting and crochet projects I have worked on.  Ravelry has been loosely described as MySpace for knitters/crocheters, but it is better than that in my opinion.  It allows you to post on forum boards, post pics of your projects, see what others’ projects are, what yarn they used, and their experience and opinion of the pattern and yarn.  If you have a particular yarn you are wondering what to make something with, you can search on that yarn and see what other Ravelers have made with it.  If you are looking for a particular pattern, and Ravelry has indexed it, it will allow you to download it via a provided link, or buy it via a link.

I am a member of the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA)( and every three months, I go up north to Oakland, CA to support the Men Who Crochet chapter of CGOA in their effort to crochet afghans for those in need.   They meet every month, every 3rd month is a “Crochet Soiree”, a meeting combined with a potluck and crochet oriented gift exchange.  Despite the name of the chapter, Women are welcome (hence, I am allowed to be of service 🙂 )  Men Who Crochet is the CGOA chapter founded by designer Peter Franzi, here is the Yahoo group he set up for members to post in: whose crochet designs can be purchased at his site:  If you live in the general SF Bay area, East Bay area, etc.  and are interested in coming to one of our meetings, contact me and I can give you general info.  We meet the third Saturday afternoon of every month, again, every third meeting is a “Soiree” as described above.  You can also email Peter about it at his hookerbear site.  I am also an “honorary” member (the meeting times and locations aren’t really doable for me) of Southbay Crochet, Crochet By the Bay, and Bay Area Rabid Crocheters, “sister” chapters to MWC.

And I store digital photos I & my family have taken on

At some point, “maybe” I will opt to design knitting and crochet patterns.  In my copious spare time 🙂  One thing that “turns me off” about designing and offering patterns is rampant, disrespectful copyright violation.  I know too many designers personally this has happened to.

In my working life, I work for the County I was born, raised, and still live in ( better known on Planet Earth as Silicon Valley. 

Being born in San Jose, CA, raised 30 miles south in Gilroy, CA (think: GARLIC), and now living and working in San Jose, CA, if being Californian is “weird”, well…  I don’t know any other way to be 🙂

I believe in God, but am not religous.  I don’t discuss politics or religion with amateurs (I have to use that kind of wording to keep people from trying to bait me into these kind of discussions).  My political “baptism” was Watergate, so forgive me if I distrust politicians, even though, I officially work for one LOL (I mean it in the most postive and supportive way of course, should he happen to read this….)

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